Max Giammona

Graduate Student

Office Location

CHEM 4124


Using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to study the aggregation of amyloid proteins, specifically amyloid beta, islet amyloid polypeptide, and fragments thereof.


Max received his B.S. in Chemistry from Santa Clara University in 2012. His undergraduate research was done in the labs of Brian McNelis and Richard Barber where he synthesized fullerene derivatives and investigated their effects on the lifetime of bulk-heterojunction solar photovoltaic devices. His current work in the Buratto group is focused on determining the aggregation pathways of amyloid proteins using atomic force microscopy.


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Economou, N.E.; Giammona, M.J.; Do, T.D.; Zheng, X.; Teplow, D.B.; Buratto, S.K.; Bowers, M.T. Amyloid ?-Protein Assembly and Alzheimer’s Disease: Dodecamers of A?42, but Not of A?40, Seed Fibril Formation. JACS 2016 138 (6), 1772

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