Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

Steve and 2018 Graduate Cynthia Cooper


Steve and the 2017 Grads

Group BBQ 2017-  Send Off for Josh and Max 



Cynthia and Charlene at the UCSB Summer Intern Poster Colloquium 2016 for Participation in MRL's CAMP


Cynthia and Charlene in the lab

Goleta Beach BBQ 2010...

2010 SURF poster gala...

Holiday Party 2009...

It all started with Ken Rousslang...Puget Sound 2009...

Science fair judging at Santa Barbara Junior High...

Steve and the 2007 grads

Dr. Ranasinghe and party

Beach BBQ

action shots from a gloomy day at the beach

Congrats Newlyweds

a beach bash celebrating Lauren and Marcel's marriage

Bon Voyage and See Ya Later Party

a sendoff of Jason and Margaret on their Honeymoon and farewell to Donny

The Graduates

ACS National Meeting Spring 2003

Donny, Dan and Jason hanging out before a session

Donny presenting his talk...Is that porous silicone?!?

Dave presenting his talk...Show me your single photons!!!

The Crew (Dan, Donny, Jason, Dave, Mel) after the Greatest Culinary Event in History

The Guys (Dan, Don, Rasheed (Our "Very Nice" Waiter), Jason, Dave) after the Greatest Culinary Event in History

Late Night at Pat O'Brian's on Bourbon Street featuring Mel, Dave, Deedrea, Frank, Steve, Dan and Jason

The Bodyguard

How do you spell relief?

Looking good after a long night

Hmm, should I have the Po' Boy or the Po' Boy?

Miscellaneous "Action" Shots

The Group plus Jonny Parish at Ryan's farewell Gala.


Some pic's from the lab late on a Friday afternoon.

With a beer in hand I'm not sure why he's so angry.

Mel gazing yonder

Baby Ruth !?!

Hey, You @#*% look'n at me!?!